Placing an Order

Good for you! You are about to take four easy and important steps toward preserving your memories.

1) First of all, please read the following documents regarding copyright and liability. We cannot proceed with your order unless you acknowledge that you have read and understand these documents.

| Copyright | Liability |

2) To prepare your photos:

  • Remove all photos from albums, envelopes, etc. Make sure no staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc are attached. Also remove any adhesive or sticky material.
  • Photos must be square or rectangular. Odd-shaped or cut out photos are not accepted.
  • Photos cannot be thicker than a standard Polaroid picture. Many older Polaroids were mounted on cardboard, which are too thick and cannot be scanned.
  • Make sure every photo is right side up and face up.
  • Due to scanner restrictions, photos must be lying horizontally regardless of picture orientation.
  • Group your entire order in size order unless you have selected the “scan in order” option on the order form. Photos must be between 3″x3″ and 11″x14″. Polaroid photos should be grouped separately. **If photos are not organized by size, we will call you to authorize further payment for scanning in order or the box will be returned to you unscanned. We do not reorganize your photos.
  • Pack your photos tightly in a sturdy box. We recommend using rubber bands to group photos of the same size. DO NOT USE Styrofoam for packing material as it has a tendency to break apart, stick to the photos and produce dirty scans.

3) To officially submit your order, please print and fill out the following order form. Submit the completed form and your properly packaged photos via mail to the address below.

| Order Form |

Digital Paper Solutions
1085 Zygmunt Circle
Westmont, IL 60559

4) We will contact you upon receipt of your order, begin the preservation process immediately afterward and contact you again upon completion!